Advanced Counseling Techniques
This course is intended for those who wish to expand their counseling skills. The emphasis is on increasing and refining skills through role-plays and feedback.


10 weeks long

Workload: 3-4 hours/week

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About the Course

This course is designed to develop students’ theoretical and practical knowledge of counseling approaches with children and youth. The initial focus will be on introducing students to the framework and strength-based approaches to counseling. Knowledge in these areas will be a key in helping students build a theoretical foundation for their counseling practices and to critically reflect upon their own perceptions of therapeutic work with children and youth. The second part of this course will assist students in learning the skills needed to provide appropriate counseling services to clients of diverse backgrounds and needs. Students will also be asked to think critically about the role of ethnicity, sexuality, cognitive ability and gender in the counseling relationship. The course will conclude with a discussion of strategies for empowering clients and promoting resiliency, as well as an examination of the legal and ethical issues that help professionals’ face.  

Advanced Counselling provides an in-depth look into the different models and types of therapy, and the skills the student will need in order to help work with clients effectively.  The course explores development and attachment theories, communication skills (such as empathy, clarification and challenge, goal setting, and listening) as well as values and anti-oppressive practice.
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About the Instructor(s)

Trainers from IAHP

Course Format

Offline and online mode of training with voice assisted Powerpoint presentations and a manual provided at the start of the course. The participant will have a week’s time to master one particular module of the course and he/she can contact the trainer either through email/ chat or video chat for any clarifications.

Each module will have its own activity and a pragmatic paper for better understanding.
Course Objectives
  • Learn the structure of the counseling process across four sessions: presenting problem, treatment goal setting, use of appropriate technique, and closure
  • Learn the structure of the social history interviewing technique as an example of information gathering
  • Introduced to major theoretical approaches to psychotherapy and one or two established technique from each
  • Learn about Record Keeping and Data Management
  • Understand the treatment models used in counseling
  • Demonstrate student’s ability to apply theory to his/her practical work with clients Identify issues of setting up a private practice
Course Fee
Individual Participants from India (in Indian Rupee)
Group Participants from India
(minimum members in a group is three) (in Indian Rupee)
Individual Participants from Rest of the world (in US Dollars)
Group Participants from Rest of the world (minimum members in a group is three) (in US Dollars)

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Rs. 10,200/-


US$ 275/-


Non – Members
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Rs. 12,700/-


US$ 330/-

Important Dates
  • Participant Capacity is Limited to 12 per batch.
  • To Know about Course details and Commencement dates Text the Course No and Your Email ID to 0091 979 00 88 002 or email us at Eg; 008 SPACE to 0979 00 88 002 
Learning Kit
  • Complete Manual
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Associated Voice Files
  • Recorded Video Lectures (as required)
Trainer’s Support
  • Voice Associated Powerpoint Presentations
  • Home Based Activity at the end of each session for practical learning
  • Pragmatic Paper to assess understanding at the end of each session
  • Recorded Video Lectures (as required)
  • Case Illustrations
  • Additional Reference Documents (on request)
  • Sessions through Skype for discussion and clarification (on request)
  • Additional support through email / chat during the course period
  • Assured Support throughout participants counseling career
Course Syllabus

Week 1:               Counseling Process

Week 2:               Counseling Skills Development

Week 3:               Models of Therapy & Types of Therapy

Week 4:               Ready to use Techniques

Week 5:               Consent Form and History taking

Week 6:               Student Counseling

Week 7:               Dealing with Violence, Abuse, Self harm and Suicidal thoughts

Week 8:               Planning & Designing Homework for Clients

Week 9:               Case Studies & Report Writing

Week 10:             The best of Counselling

Recommended Background
  • Exposure to basic counseling skills
  • A UG or PG Study in Psychology
  • Those who are doing their UG or PG can also enroll
  • Those who are interested in psychology who have taken another subject as their major
Suggested Readings
  • Reference list will be provided during the course period
Course Plan
  • Ten Sessions
  • Ten Weeks
  • Powerpoint Presentation with associated Audio
  • Activities to understand better
  • Discussion through Skype
  • Pragmatic Assessments to make learning easier
Learning Outcome

Participants will be trained enough to practice advanced counseling techniques within their practice.

Further Learning

Psychological therapies from the same trainer

Technical Requirements
  • A computer or a laptop with Microsoft Office with mike and headphone facility
  • A good Internet connection
  • Having web cam is an added advantage
Statement of Accomplishment
On completion, the participant will be certified by the International Association of Holistic Psychology
Contact to register

Contact your student advisor at for more details on registration, availability of seat, payment of fee, etc.

Course FAQ's

1. Will I get a certificate after completing this class?

Yes. Participants who successfully complete the class will receive a registered certificate from International Association of Holistic Psychology.

2. What resources will I need for this class?

The free course manual is available with the course.

3. What is the coolest thing I'll learn if I take this course?

You will learn the basic and advanced counseling techniques. You will be able to work with more confidence, knowing to design home works, taking case histories and writing reports. You will be aware of ways to handle unusual and emergency cases.

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